Terms & Conditions



The Flamingo Club is a program designed by LAM – Mozambique Airlines, SA, aimed at the frequent travelers, with the purpose of granting its Members special privileges as an expression of appreciation for their loyalty.

Prior to requesting membership onto the program, the interested party must read this Regulation in full, including its amendments.

By requesting membership in the program and after its acceptance by LAM, customers enter into a contract with LAM, regulated in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this Regulation, as well as subsequent amendments thereto.

This Regulation shall become effective from the date of its publication on lam.frequentflyer.aero.

Any new rules and/or amendments to this Regulation shall become binding on all Members as soon as they are published on the lam.frequentflyer.aero.




For purposes of this Regulation, except as otherwise provided in its text, the terms and expressions used herein have the following meaning:

  • Account - means the account opened in favor of the Member upon acceptance of the membership application, where the Member's personal data and the respective miles are recorded.
  • Member - refers to the natural person registered in the Flamingo Club program.
  • Membership Number - refers to the number assigned to the Member upon the opening of the Member's Flamingo Club Account;
  • Partners – refers to institutions that LAM enters into partnership agreements to provide benefits to Members in the purchasing of services and products from these institutions or accrue miles;
  • Tier Miles – refers to miles accrued on trips by a member on flights operated by LAM and according to the type of fare;
  • Bonus Miles – refers to miles accrued through promotions on particular flights or tier;
  • Award Miles – refers to miles accrued through the use of services or product purchasing from Flamingo Club partners. Any miles will be credited to Member’s Flamingo Account. A Member may use the miles to obtain the Award Ticket, but for promotion of the card category only the tier miles will be considered;
  • Award Ticket – refers to ticket obtained in exchange for miles accrued in accordance with the procedures in this regulation.




3.1. Customers interested in joining the Flamingo Club program can register online through lam.frequentflyer.aero portal or fill in the membership form that must be signed and delivered at any LAM sales outlet.

3.2. Membership in the Flamingo Club program is open to all natural persons with a minimum of two (2) years of age. Membership in the Flamingo Club program is not permitted to legal entities and commercial companies.

3.3. Minors and other incapacitated persons under the Mozambican law may join the Flamingo Club Program, provided that they are represented by those who exercise parental, guardian or curator power, as the case may be, at the time of such membership.

3.4. Membership in the Flamingo Club program by minors or other incapacitated persons is presumed to have been made through their legal representatives, who are responsible for the respective acts, exercised under the said program, in accordance with applicable Mozambican legislation.

3.5. The membership application implies agreement with the terms and conditions defined in this contract, which may be unilaterally amended, modified or updated from time to time by LAM.

3.6. LAM reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the terms and conditions, as well as the benefits and grants contained in this regulation.

3.7. Any new rules and / or amendments to this Regulation shall become binding on all Members as soon as they are published on the lam.frequentflyer.aero portal.

3.8. By requesting your membership in the Flamingo Club program, the Client declares and guarantees that all information provided is true.

3.9. LAM reserves the right to change in whole or in part or to terminate the Flamingo Club program and / or any partnership with external entities under it, at any time without prior notice.

3.10. The membership in the Flamingo Club program is not a guarantee of acceptance by LAM, the latter reserving the right to refuse any application for membership.

3.11. Upon membership, LAM will assign a Membership Number. The subscription to the program cannot be transferred and the Member cannot have more than one Account. If more than one Account is found for the same Member, LAM will combine the accounts, keeping only one as valid. Miles will also be combined into one Account, except in cases of duplication.

3.12. It is the responsibility of the Member to inform LAM immediately of any changes in his/her name or contacts. Any failure to provide up-to-date information may limit access to the benefits of the program or result in termination of the membership by LAM without liability to LAM.

3.13. Upon acceptance of the application, the customer will receive, by email, his/her Membership Number and password to access his/her Account. Members shall not grant access to their personal Account (password) to third parties, including family members, fellow employees or LAM employees. The customer will solely be responsible for any damage to his/her personal Account due to improper use of the access data.




4.1. The Flamingo Club membership shall automatically be canceled in case of cessation of the Flamingo Club program.

4.2. The accrued miles shall automatically expire upon the cessation of the Flamingo Club program, and the Member shall not be entitled to compensation for the miles he/she may have accrued.

4.3. Members may quit from the Flamingo Club program at any time and shall do so in writing. Upon receipt of the member's termination notice, LAM shall terminate the Member's Account and all miles and benefits (including unused award tickets) shall be cancelled.

4.4. LAM reserves the right to immediately terminate the contractual relationship without any obligation to assign miles, benefits or other obligations to those Members who:

a)  Do not comply with the terms and conditions of this Regulation;

b)  Supplying incorrect information with the intention of accruing miles (e.g. flights which you have not flown or are not eligible to accrue miles);

c)  Transfer or attempt to transfer miles or any other benefit for commercial gain;

d)  Not accruing miles for three consecutive years, from the date the last miles registration was made in the Member’s Account;

e)  Use fraudulent means to obtain or attempt to obtain miles or other benefits provided for in this Regulation;

f)   Misuse or contribute to misuse of their account or that of third parties, or in any way cause harm to the Flamingo program;

g)  Direct or indirectly contribute to fraudulent activities in the Flamingo program;

h)  Unruly behave on board or at LAM premises.

4.5. LAM may suspend the Member's Account for suspected fraud involving the Member on own account or account of any other member without any penalty to LAM. The involved Member will be excluded from the program without prior notice and any miles and other benefits of the program (including unused award tickets) shall be void and the Member shall not be allowed to re-join the program.

4.6. In the event of death of the Member, the respective Flamingo Account shall be canceled and the accrued miles shall immediately be canceled.




5.1. The base level of the Flamingo Club program is designated CLASSIC and is awarded at the time of membership.

5.2. Upon joining the Flamingo Club program, the Member shall receive a digital card, by email. The digital card shall contain the Member's name, number and status.

5.3. The CLASSIC physical card can be made available after the Member has made three (3) trips on flights operated and marketed by LAM.

5.4. In addition to the CLASSIC card, Members shall receive a physical card once they reach PLUS status and whenever the same status is renewed.

5.5. Information on the conditions for assignment of the PLUS card and the advantages associated with each of the above mentioned cards can be obtained from the lam.frequentflyer.aero portal.

5.6. The PLUS card is valid for one (1) year. A Member who may not have accrued the required number of miles during a calendar year (from January to December) will be relegated to the next lower category. The Member who may have accrued the number of miles or number of trips defined shall have his/her card renewed for the same period and in the same category.

5.7. Information on the number of miles required for the maintenance of Member PLUS card holder can be obtained on the lam.frequentflyer.aero portal.

5.8. It is the responsibility of the Member to manage and correctly use his/her card, whether physical or digital.

5.9. Any of these cards is personal and non-transferable and must not be used after the expiration date and / or after termination of membership of the program.

5.10. In the event of loss, misplacement or damage to the physical card, the Member shall immediately inform LAM for replacement. Replacement will occur through a charge of 1,000 miles on the Member's account.

5.11. All Flamingo Club Member Cards are owned by LAM and must be returned after termination of the contract or whenever requested by LAM.

5.12. Only the Tier Miles accrued will be considered for card promotion. Award and Bonus miles shall not be considered for promoting the card level.




6.1. On each trip, the Member shall earn miles according to the route and reservation class, provided that they are:

a)  Flights operated by LAM and with the flight number that starts with the letters TM;

b)  Code-share flights operated by partner companies with the flight number with the letters TM, in which case LAM reserves the right to determine the number of miles that may be allocated on each flight.

6.2. Tier Miles will only be accumulated on flights operated by LAM and with the flight number with the letters TM.

6.3. Miles may be exchanged for awards (tickets or upgrades), but only Tier Miles will be considered for promotion to the PLUS category.

6.4. The Member shall not earn miles in the case of:

a)  Award Tickets or equivalent in any other loyalty program;

b)  Tickets not used, canceled, reimbursed or expired;

c)  Tickets that have received any type of discount on the published rate. These include, but are not limited to, free tickets, charter flights, industry discount tickets as specified by IATA (ID, AD, BP, DG, DM, GE, IN, RG or UD) and any prize ticket.

d)  Flights by infants under two (2) years of age;

e)  Tickets purchased for the purpose of carrying extra baggage in the cabin (e.g. CBBG) or providing additional space for the Member (e.g. EXST).

6.5. For purposes of registering miles, the Member must indicate, at the time of booking and during check-in, his / her Flamingo Member Number.

6.6. For the purpose of registration of miles and extra baggage benefit the name and surname contained in the passenger's ticket must be the same as those registered with the Flamingo Club.

6.7. Children between 2 (two) and twelve (12) years of age may accrue miles according to the bonus set for the respective fare, even if they use the CHD discount privilege.

6.8. Whenever there is an upgrade, whether voluntary or not, the miles will be credited according to the class of the fare that was paid. In the event of an involuntary downgrade, the miles will be credited according to the class which the Member traveled in, and the Member shall request the refund of the difference between the fare paid and the fare of the class which she/he traveled in.

6.9. On each ticket shall only be allowed the use of one Flamingo Number.

6.10. Only miles related to flights flown after joining the Flamingo Club program will be credited.

6.11. Each Member shall be responsible for ensuring that miles are properly recorded in his/her Account. To this end, the Member may consult his/her statement online on the lam.frequentflyer.aero portal.

6.12. In the event of failure to register the miles for flights made in accordance with paragraph 6.1, the Member may request retroactive mileage credit within a maximum period of three (3) months from the date of travel of the concerned segment.

6.13. The Member shall be responsible for keeping all documents related to the trip (boarding cards, electronic ticket receipts) and the partners' products and services (receipts, statements). When applying for the retroactive credit of miles, the Member must send the originals of the respective supporting proofs.

6.14. The Flamingo Club reserves the right to withdraw the miles wrongly registered, namely due to an error related to an invalid flight or an error in the fare class used.

6.15. LAM may include other companies in the program, such as, but not limited to, airlines, car rental companies, hotels, telecommunications companies or financial institutions. Members shall obtain a fixed number of miles by using services or purchasing the products of those respective companies and in accordance with the regulations of each partner company.

6.16. The Regulation referred to in the previous clause shall be published by the respective partner company.




7.1. Miles are valid for three (3) years from the date of travel, and shall be deactivated by the end of the month in which that period is fulfilled.




8.1. By using the accrue miles, Member may request Award tickets or upgrades for flights operated by LAM with the flight number beginning with the letters "TM". The Members may consult LAM portal at lam.frequentflyer.aero or the LAM branches for further details on how many miles are needed to get the different awards.

8.2. Depending on the tier, Members may have access to additional benefits when traveling on flights operated by LAM, including priority access to check-in, boarding, extra baggage, and lounge access.

8.3. LAM reserves the right to change, supplement or cancel the awards and individual benefits offered by the Flamingo Club program without prior notice.

8.4. When booking or requesting an award or a benefit, Member must declare in advance what effect s/he intends to make the reservation for (award ticket, upgrade for flights operated by LAM, or any other).

8.5. The award ticket or upgrade must be requested directly from LAM's sales outlets. Alternatively, the Member may request through the lam.frequentflyer.aero portal, at least five (5) days prior to the date of travel, for an additional fee equivalent to 1,000 miles, without prejudice to airport charges and any other charges for Award Tickets.

8.6. LAM reserves the right to define which classes and flights may be available for award tickets. The award ticket must have the reservation confirmed in the appropriate class.

8.7. The award ticket is non-transferable and cannot be endorsed. The Award Ticket may be issued in the name of a third person, provided that it is authorized in writing by the Member. Such authorization is only valid if the Member does not receive any monetary compensation or other advantage in return. The Award Ticket is not applicable for the transport of animals, cargo or excess baggage.

8.8. LAM reserves the right to limit the number of beneficiaries of the award ticket for each account.

8.9. The Award ticket is valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance of the ticket.

8.10. It is allowed to change the date or itinerary, in case the ticket is within validity. The itinerary shall only be changed upon payment of a penalty fee, as published on the lam.frequentflyer.aero portal.

8.11. Without prejudice to the payment of the penalty fee provided in the previous clause, if the new itinerary chosen requires additional miles, they will be debited to the Member's Account. If the new route chosen requires a lower number of miles than the route initially chosen, the remaining miles will be credited to the Member's Account.

8.12. It is not allowed to change the name on the award ticket.

8.13. Reimbursement of miles and amount paid for airport charges in case of unused tickets and within the validity period is allowed, subject to payment of a penalty fee, as published on the lam.frequentflyer.aero portal.

8.14. The Award Ticket booking is subject to seat availability. The number of seats for Award Tickets or upgrades is limited even on flights that are not fully booked.

8.15. A passenger who is using the Flamingo Club Award Ticket and is accompanied by an infant up to two (2) years of age (to be completed) must use the conditions defined in the LAM for infants.

8.16. A passenger who is using an award ticket and is accompanied by a child between the ages of 2 and 12 years (to be completed) should:

a)  Buy a ticket in the LAM, according to the rules set out for the respective age, or;

b)  Request the issuance of a Flamingo Club Award Ticket, for which the amount of miles necessary to issue a ticket for an adult must be used.

8.17. An additional fee / penalty shall be applicable for handling Award Tickets in case of no-show.

8.18. In case of requesting the change of itinerary included in the Award Ticket made after the departure of the flight being changed, an additional fee will also be applied.

8.19. The additional fees provided for in the previous clauses shall be published on the lam.frequentflyer.aero portal.

8.20. The Flamingo Club program may have partnership agreements with different Companies / Organizations that may grant special benefits to Flamingo Members who use or purchase services or goods marketed by said Companies or organizations. LAM will make every possible effort to inform Members of the benefits assigned by each Partner.

8.21. The Benefits will be attributed by presenting the card, physical or in digital format.

8.22. The Benefits shall be attributed only to the cardholder and when and only if s/he is the passenger or user / customer of the services or products provided / marketed by the LAM partners.




9.1.  LAM, together with the program partners, may offer promotions to Members. Each of these promotions shall be governed by their respective terms and conditions, once they have been published to the target Members of the promotion.

9.2. LAM may limit the promotions to specific Members and have no obligation to offer to other Members of the program.




10.1. LAM shall not be liable for any loss or damage, including but not limited to, any loss or reduction in Members benefits arising out of any change or termination of the Flamingo Club program, loss of the right to accrue or use miles or other benefits of the Flamingo Club program.

10.2. LAM shall not be liable for taxes or other charges or disadvantages to which Members may be subject in the process of using Flamingo Club miles or any other benefit of the program.

10.3. LAM shall also not be liable for the quality or delivery time of the goods or services marketed or provided by its partners and granted to the Member within the scope of the Flamingo program.