"Tier Miles" - Accumulated miles traveling with LAM

For each trip you make with LAM, the distance in miles between the airport of origin and destination airport (excluding stopovers and connecting flights) - see the distance in Table A - is recorded on your Flamingo statement using the percentage bonus corresponding to the Class fare purchased for your trip. Please see the crediting percentages by fare class in Table B.

Only LAM trips or TM flights are valid.

You must indicate your Flamingo code when booking and at check-in in order to correctly record your miles.

In the case of your personal card (Flamingo Classic and Flamingo PLUS), trips are valid where the passenger is the cardholder. On each ticket, only one Flamingo code can be used.

The cardholder must retain proof of travel (boarding pass and electronic ticket receipt) to confirm that the trip has been recorded on the respective statement. In the event of a claim for unrecorded miles, the original documents must be presented as proof.

Miles accumulated on trips (Tier Miles) will be used to define the card category.

"Award Miles"

Every month you will earn points matching to the total amount spent on your "Flamingo VISA" card. One mile will be recorded for every 200 MZN spent, and will be credited to your Flamingo Club account.

Miles accrued through the use of your credit card (Award Miles) will be considered for the allocation of free tickets on LAM but will not be considered for defining the card category.

Mileage Validity

Miles are valid for three (3) years and will be lost at the end of the month during which the trip was previously made.